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    0.3 CR1 Build Available

    Keith Babo Master

      The 0.3.0 CR1 build has been added to the downloads page (direct link here) and all the associated maven artifacts have been pushed to the JBoss Nexus repository.  You can get the AS7 distribution here:




      The docs have not been updated yet with 0.3 features, but here's a scratch list of the significant changes in this release:


      • BPEL support is now available in SwitchYard via the new BPEL component, based on Riftsaw.  The new component is included in the distribution and a set of BPEL quickstarts have been added as well.
      • We have added a generalized message composer framework which gives you quite a bit of flexibility in terms of how native message representation are mapped into the SwitchYard Message and Context objects used for service invocation.
      • Enhanced support for proxying and routing between gateways.  This functionality depends on the Camel routing support already present in 0.2 and the new generalized composition framework available in 0.3.  A quickstart has been added demonstrating proxying between two SOAP endpoints.
      • If you already have an AS7 installation and want to stick SwitchYard in it, you're in luck!  We have added a stand-alone installer which can be used to add SwitchYard to an existing install of AS7.
      • Test support has been updated to allow for selectively enabling or disabling components being tested with a given SwitchYard configuration.  For example, if you have a unit test which only covers the bean service implementation, you can restrict the test deployer from activating any other services or bindings except the bean service implementation.  
      • XSLT Transfomer Enhancements - one of the features available in JBoss ESB related to XSLT transformation is the ability to fail the transform if a warning was generated.  We have added this capability to SwitchYard in 0.3.
      • We now have legit Eclipse Tooling for SwitchYard.  One of the most important pieces here is an m2e extension which ties the SwitchYard project lifecycle to the Eclipse project lifecycle, so now SwitchYard projects can be built and tested within the IDE.  There are also some nice wizard editions for creating a new SwitchYard project, creating a Bean service, etc.
      • A general policy framework has been added along with an initial implementation of transaction policy support.  Documentation and a quickstart should be available by the end of the week.
      • Rules Component Enhancements:
        • Support for Complex Event Processing.
        • Ability to use a knowledge agent to execute remotely hosted knowledge packages.
        • Simplified contract for stateful services.  Stateful rule services now default to maintaining session state for the life of the service.  The dispose option can be passed in a message at any time to reset the working memory used by the service.  This change eliminates the requirement to pass a "continue" option to the service with each message. 
      • Platform and tooling updates:
        • AS 7.0.2 - we have updated to the latest final version of JBoss AS7.
        • Forge Beta 3 - we have updated to the latest beta version of Forge.
      • SwitchYard now runs on OpenShift. We are preparing some docs on how you can use our new template project for OpenShift applications to deploy an example application and your own SwitchYard applications to OpenShift Express.  More details to come very soon.