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    Client transaction is marked for rollback by a system exception from BMT bean

    Valery Lezhebokov Newbie

      Hi All,


      It seems like a bug in the AS 6.0 to me. Say, I have a servlet where I start a client transaction and then call a BMT SLSB:




                  Context ic = new InitialContext();

                  userTransaction = (UserTransaction) ic.lookup("java:comp/UserTransaction");



              catch(Exception e){

                userTransaction.getStatus(); // returns javax.transaction.Status.STATUS_MARKED_ROLLBACK





      In the BMT SLSB I do the following:



      @Stateless(name = "bean")


      public class Bean implements BeanInterface {


          public void foo() {     


                  throw new RuntimeException("Test!");





      So, when the foo is invoked I get a EJB exception saying that the method has started the transaction but has not finished it. That is perfectly fine.

      But then in the servlet I see that the client transaction  userTransaction gets marked for rollback!

      Isn't this against the specification?