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    Caching css files in browser using filter

    Poornima Abhilash Newbie

      Hi All,


           I have a web application deployed in Gatein 3.1. I have created a custom skin for the application.The css files are loaded using gatein-resources.xml.For that to work properly, in web.xml, i have added the filter, ResourceRequestFilter.












           Now, i want to cache js,images and css files in browser side.For that, I added another filter in web.xml.The filter class implements javax.servlet.Filter.I could cache js, images on adding this filter, but css files are NOT cached.When ResourceRequestFilter was removed from web.xml, css files are cached properly.But, the skin is not working.How could i make both work properly, ie caching css files and custom skin at the same time.


      Plz help...