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    New JBPM5-Module for JBoss 7

    Markus Dahm Novice



      we'd like to use JBPM 5.1 in our project that is developed for JBoss 7.


      However we currently face two major deficiencies (never mind ):


      - JPA2 is not supported

      - There is some hard-coded persistence.xml in the jbpm-human-task JAR


      This has been discussed in depth elsewhere. We were looking for solutions...


      Our approach is to create a JBPM module for JBoss 7 which may be added to your server's configuration.

      In my point of view this has the advantage that we can use JBPM as a service and do

      not have to add all dependencies to all of our deployment units. Furthermore we want to avoid version conflicts

      between the JAR versions used in JBoss 7 and JBPM 5.


      The module uses a slightly patched version of the JBPM entity classes, i.e. they are modified to support JPA2

      (which in fact was no big deal). Secondly we removed the persistence.xml file from the JAR.

      The module bundles all absolutely necessary dependencies into on place.

      The other dependencies - to Hibernate in particular - are resolved by configuration, since they already come for free

      with JBoss 7.


      If there is a bug fix or if we want to upgrade to - say - JBPM 5.2.Final this is just a matter of server configuration, i.e. updating the module.

      The application development should remain unaffected.


      I commited a first (cumbersome) version to




      Any feedback will be welcome...




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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Markus,

          The initiative looks great! I've didn't have time to play with it yet, but my initial suggestion will be to play with the latest snapshots instead of the latest stable release. So we can be sure that every customization required to work inside JBoss AS 7 is there for the next release.

          Can you try your code/module with the latest snapshots? so we can see if a last minute fix can be included before the next release?


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            Markus Dahm Novice



            thanks for your reply. Whenever I've find some time I'll do that. I suppose the JPA code has not been changed too much, so

            creating and re-applying a patch should work.


            I have to fix the project setup anyway, it's a little bit weird