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    mod_cluster node names

    João Subtil Newbie

      I'll start several threads, each one with the issues/doubts that I have, so please bear with me


      After deploying the httpd balancer and the mod_proxy.sar application, I can sucessufully see my nodes on the mod_cluster-manager page.


      The issue is that the node names are uuid's and not something more human like node1 or node2.


      When starting the JBoss 5.1 AS I've passed the switchs -Djboss.jvmRoute="Node1" for the first node and -Djboss.jvmRoute="Node1" for the second, and I can see during the startup the at least it has been read/configured.


      I've seen screenshots that show node names like jvm1 and jvm2, so it seems it's possible to set these names.


      Any idea how?


      I'm using the latest httpd version of mod_cluster, I belive it's 1.1.3.


      Thanks in advance!

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          João Subtil Newbie

          I'll try to answer my own question...


          I was following this forum tutorial related to multiple virtual hosts, and it seems that the correct option to set the node name is -Djboss.mod_cluster.jvmRoute and not -Djboss.jvmRoute.


          At least on Linux it works that way.


          My initial problem was on Windows, and I'll have to check if the same solution applies.

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            Radoslav Husar Master

            Hi Joao,


            there is no mention of jvmRoute in mod_cluster-jboss-beans.xml. I dont know about other mapping without being mentioned in the xml. This is because its defined in the JBoss Web's (Tomcat) server.xml. You need to look for attribute jvmRoute="<route>" on that AJP connector. Since its in JBoss you can use expressions (you wouldnt be able to do that in raw Tomcat AFAIR).


              <!-- A HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8080 -->
              <Connector protocol="HTTP/1.1" port="8080" address="${jboss.bind.address}"
                       connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8443" />


            So in order for the switch to work, add attribute:






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              João Subtil Newbie

              Hi, thanks for the information, but in fact I can confirm the behavior...


              If I go to the mod_cluster manager page, if using the -Djboss.jvmRoute, I have a UUID as the node name.


              If using -Djboss.mod_cluster.jvmRoute=mynodename, it does set the node name as mynodename and it does appear as so in the mod_cluster status page.


              But using -Djboss.modcluster.jvmRoute I get an UUID again...


              Now, why the it behaves as so, I don't know. I've dowloaded the latest release available, 1.1.3, and I can confirm it behaves as so in Linux and Windows.

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                Radoslav Husar Master

                Do you think its an issue or just documentation needs updating or so?

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                  João Subtil Newbie

                  I belive it's a documentation issue. Documentation is wrong, it should have the -Djboss.mod_cluster.jvmRoute switch.