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    Support for remote invocation on EJBs in AS7, now available

    jaikiran pai Master

      As promised sometime back, we now have made available support for invoking EJBs from a remote client in AS7 upstream. Users can now download the nightly binaries from here  and start testing it out.


      Like we mentioned in that other thread, we have introduced a new JBoss specific EJB client API which can be used to do remote invocations on the EJBs. But at the same time we also support remote invocations on the proxies that are returned by a JNDI lookup. At this stage, we would like you all to test the JNDI based invocations (which is a typical case) and once we have the documentation for the remote EJB client API ready, you can even try out that JBoss specific API.


      To help with getting started with invoking on the proxies returned via JNDI lookup from a remote client, we have created this chapter in the AS7 documentation https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS71/EJB+invocations+from+a+remote+client+using+JNDI. Please go through it and start testing your applications.


      Let us know how it goes. We would like to thank you all for waiting patiently for this feature. For any issues or questions related to the remote invocations, feel free to open a separate thread in this forum.