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    How to force a tabswitch, when the tab contains validation errors

    hhb97b Newbie



      I'm using the tabview for changing values in a form. However some times I would like to change the tab where the current form can't validate. an example


      1.     The user change a value to value which can't validate
      2.     The user pushes the save button
      3.     The user sees the validation errors
      4.     The users now gives up and wants to navigate to another tab.


      The tabpanel switchType is ajax, so each time the tab is change a request is sent to the server. I have tried to use switchToItem and change the value in side an action called but the validation prevents this. I'm not having any success with the attributte bypassUpdates="true" on the tab tag.


      The only solution i can think about is to reload the value, but this is time consuming or change all the places where the field validation is to included a variable which disables the validation.


      My question is: are there another way of doing this?