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    how to broadcast message? a4j:push right choice?

    u j Novice

      The requirement is to announce a system shutdown message to the users.


      Within the same session it would be a simple Facescontext.getCurrentInstance.addMessage(),

      but as far as I know there is no way to access the faces contexts of all sessions from one (admin) session.


      So my question is if a4j:push is the right choice or if are there better/easier solutions.

      Some aspects are:

      - messages are sent very rarely, but must be displayed immediately or at least on the next client request.

      - potentially thousands of users could be connected, what about performance / ressources / http connections use? I have seen a jira entry about performance problems.

      - how does it work internally? Are there only ressources used in the case of an event? Otherwise it would be a complete overkill

        due to the rareness of the messages.


      Richfaces 4.1.0.x