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    ws-atomic transaction

    Pavlos Polianidis Newbie

      I have created three web-services with a simple implementation. Each of these services has got an operation called checkAvailability. I am willing to execute these services in a transactional mode. I have created a client, using the SoapUI software (The code is attached in the file below).


      I read about the xts from the ProgrammersGuide which is included in the jbossTS. I cannot understand how should i implement my client. It says that i have to deploy it by putting it in the deploy directory alongside with the xts.sar. Should my client be a war or jar file. In addition, how then i run my client after deploying it.


      Sorry for asking these simple questions, but i have never before tried to do such task..


      Thank you in advance.

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          Paul Robinson Master



          Your code looks to be doing the right thing, although I've not checked it too carefully. However, you can't just run it from a main method, you need to create your client as some JEE artifact, a war or a jar would be fine. You could call if from an EJB or a JSF page for example. The important thing is that your client needs to run inside the container. It is possible to run the client outside of the container, but it requires more work.


          I notice that this is a piece of coursework. I assume the coursework mandates what technology should be used for the client (JSF, EJB, etc), so use that technology.



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