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    ESB for ftp or datasources

    P Mishra Newbie

      I am just starting up with the Jboss ESB. I am working on routing (not sure if its the exact term) of invocations. I was able to figure it out for web services.


      We have action classes for Web Services (SOAPProxy) and http router.


      Do we have somthing similar for ftp and datasources ?.


      The samples refer to use of JMS. Can't we work without them ?.

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          Tom Cunningham Master

          Check out the helloworld_ftp_action quickstart - it demonstrates the use of a FTP gateway.  


          If you're looking to push a file through ftp, there is an FTP notifier class.

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            P Mishra Newbie



            Thanks for your reply..


            I had a look at the samples and it seems the helloworld_ftp_action is related to setting up a listener to a directory on the server, making changes to the file content using the Action class  and have the changes visible on the server.


            The FTP notifier would help to push a notification to a server.


            I am trying to find a ESB solution where we can proxy the connection to a File or a Datasource (a database) ... similar to what we can do for a web service.


            Real connection http://localhost:8080/hello-web/HelloService?WSDL


            Connection after ESB implementation http://localhost:8080/hello-esb/http/services/HelloService?WSDL


            Below is the configuration on the jboss-esb.xml


            <jbossesb ....... >

              <service category="services" name="HelloService" description="HelloService" invmScope="GLOBAL">
                <http-gateway name="Http" />

               <actions mep="RequestResponse">
                <action name="proxy" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.soap.proxy.SOAPProxy">
                 <property name="wsdl"
                  value="http://localhost:8080/hello-web/HelloService?WSDL" />




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              Tom Cunningham Master

              I'm confused why you would want to do that - can you explain a little more what you are trying to do and why?     It'd help us give you some suggestions.

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                P Mishra Newbie

                I am in a situation where the connection to resources (datasources or flat file) might change and wouldn't like to inform the client of the to make chanes on his/her code. I was checking if the Jboss ESB can help provide a solution where we can define endpoints / connections which wouldremain same and make changes to the jboss-esb.xml whenever needed and help avoid changes on the client side.