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    rich:fileUpload - getting the uploaded file's original directory/folder

    Roger Lee Apprentice

      I'm using rich:fileUpload in richfaces-ui-3.3.2.GA.


      What I can't work out how do is get the directory/folder name of the original directory/folder where the file was selected/picked  from.


      All I can display is the temporary directory name.




      20:12:08,820 INFO  [STDOUT] >>>>> FileUploadBean getCanonicalPath = C:\Users\NOTiFY\AppData\Local\Temp\-76c4c075-133b3259849--7ffc3215197224185150214.upload


      What I want is the location where I uploaded the file from i.e.;


      C:\My Documents\weekly_timesheet_hours_only_2009_05_08.xls


      Is this possible?


      Thanks in advance.