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    hibernate in jbpm4.4

    wiwengweng wen Newbie



      I am currently using jbpm4.4 to build my own project, but meet with some problems. please help~many many appriciates~


      I don't know much about hibernate, but when the processInstance is started. I want to insert a "key" into a record of the "execution" table.(since this "key" is unused by now.     someone may tell me how insert this data? I check some of the source code, and know something about PVM, but not understand this totally~ 



      another problem, and I see someone used to posted in the forum, but not yet solved~how can we abtain all the task node of one processInstance??

      I check the method createTaskQuery.processInstanceId().list, but this is only to query the active node of task, so the count of the method always is 1.