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    rich:tabPanel inside rich:dataGrid problem

    Marc Schmucki Newbie

      Hello together


      I'm trying to simply insert a rich:tabPanel into a rich:dataGrid. If the switchType of the tabPanel is client, everything is working without problems. But when I switch it to switchType="ajax" then the tabs cannot be changed anymore.

      So, with the following code the tabs cannot be switched:


           <rich:dataGrid id="testTabPanel"





                  <rich:tabPanel id="#{key}_tabPanel" switchType="ajax">

                      <rich:tab label="TAB1" id="#{key}_tabPanel_1">

                          Tab 1


                      <rich:tab label="TAB2" id="#{key}_tabPanel_2">

                          Tab 2


                      <rich:tab label="TAB3" id="#{key}_tabPanel_3">

                          Tab 3





      The "TAB1" always will be shown. I already created dynamic IDs for every tab and stuff but it's still not working for me


      Does anybody already had this or a similar problem? And how could I solve it??


      Thanks in advance,