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    Transaction propagation + EJB3 + Alternatives

    Marcelo Leite Newbie

      Hello there...


      Maybe my question is quite basic, but i really need some tips. I have a proof of concepts composed by two EJB3 components deployed in two different JBossAS 5.1. Both components perform the same task, that is persist a dummy entity through an injected JPA EntityManager.


      My goal is to provide an environment with transparent transaction propagation between these two components. Based on this article (http://community.jboss.org/wiki/TransactionPropagationWithJBoss), i have configured my servers to use JTS implementation and, after some tests, i can see the propagation working as expected, including exceptions and rollback process.


      Ok, it works, but i have doubts. I know that using JTS (OTS Java implementation) i can have the transaction propagation between heterogeneous servers, but my environment expects only JBoss servers, wouldn't it be much more simple in this case? I mean, using the same server and business technology, don't i have a different way (JBoss way) to accomplish my goal?


      Any tips are very appreciated.



      Best Regards,

      Marcelo leite