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    Virtual directories in JBoss 7.0.1

    Dipak Jha Newbie



      I know this question has been asked before but since there have been no replies, I am still struggling to find a solution. I need to create a virtual directory for images to be served by my web application running on JBoss AS 7.0.1. As a simple example I want to create a mapping such that a request for http://localhost/images/photo.jpg would allow the server to read photo.jpg off its physical location at /home/myuser/myimages/. In other words, I somehow need to tell the server that /images maps to /home/myuser/myimages/.


      I've tried using soft links for achieving this but JBoss 7 seems completely to ignore such links. Is there a way to force JBoss 7 into following file system links to get this working?


      I'm really stuck with this issue. Any help would be most appreciated.


      Dipak Jha