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    Setting to prevent URL encoding of JSF resources

    Sharath Nagendra Newbie

      I am trying to find a setting that can go in web.xml or faces-config.xml or portlet.xml to prevent the portal from url encoding resources like images, stylesheets and javascript files.

      On a pure webapp, I see a javascript include for a richfaces resource as:

      <script type="text/javascript" src="/webmodulename/a4j/g/3_3_3.Finalorg.ajax4jsf.javascript.AjaxScript.jsf">


      the same on a portal environment coming through the jboss portletbridge comes out as:

      <script type="text/javascript" src="/wps/myportal/!ut/p/c5/hY5Bb4JAEIV_iweOZd-WLdAjGpRNkMW2UvFiNmShoLhmabU_v2s9tDFpnblM5nvz5pE1sb2Xx7aR763eyx1ZkbW_YUWWLAX1EIKG4MvgcU79GJgzy0t_M5lFCQtSAPHLGPfZQ_w8HYcU3Ltx_Xr-90sh0piBi7xYiElOwdiF_-d_5vijIlz5XyUQHskS3StSkjL4USESU_A8YYVVU8xsTqMG_WEqRZ4caNO4pnbt6nt2IDv5ybqhdlAb2auTNlv3IKut2w1kUcnqTaXqqHa5bBQ59Cu0_C48RaPRF39kAXw!/">


      but local (to webapp that I have included - not richfaces) come out as:

      <script src="/wps/PA_AppNamePortlets/js/focus.js" type="text/javascript"> on the portal


      and as <script src="/webmodulename/js/focus.js" type="text/javascript"> on the web app not much difference.


      I am trying to get this behavior with the portlet for the richfaces resources as well. Any help with the config (if it is even possible) would be appreciated.


      Here is my environment details:

      Websphere Portal

      Websphere App Server

      Richfaces - 3.3.3

      facelets - jsf-facelets-1.1.15

      tomahawk12 - 1.1.9

      Jboss portlet bridge - 2.1 final