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    ServletRequest info in JBossRemotingMessageComposer

    Tom Eicher Newbie


      we have our own "HttpSoapGateway", which is a JBossRemotingMessageComposer,

      used via jbr-listener property "composer-class",

      working great. 


      Now I want to examine some information from the HttpServletRequest;

      specifially I want to log the remoteHost request info and the HTTP_X_FORWARDED header, if present.

      (Some client is posting me an empty message every hour, and I finally want to know which stupid system it is ;-) 


      I put a breakpoint in the JBossRemotingMessageComposer and examined what I have, but I did not seem to get very far.

      The CoyoteRequest looked great, but somehow I could never access the real http stuff... 


      What am I missing ? Any ideas ?

      (answers for any version welcome, as I have very old right now, and will have latest soon ;-) 


      Thanks, Cheers, Tom.