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    State propagation to a rejoined node in repl mode

    sebastiandr Newbie

      We have an scenario where we have 3 nodes running Infinispan 5.0.1.FINAL in an embedded way, in replication mode and with no cacheloader. We have a load balancer distributing put operations among the three nodes.


      We have detected some pauses in the nodes (due to GC activity, although this is not the focus of the question) long enough for them to be taken out of the cluster. When this happens to a given node, the node becomes desynchronized, because the balancer keeps pushing items in the other two. After the pause, the node is merged again in the cluster, but the items added to the other nodes are not propagated to this newly merged one. The question is: Is this the correct behavior? Do we have a way to make this node to be synchronized with the others?


      Take into account that I'm not talking about when a node is shut down and started up again, situation in which the state is correctly propagated from the other nodes, but when the node is taken out momentarily from the cluster and later rejoined (having changed state in the other nodes).