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    EJB deployment issue on Jboss eap 5.0.1

    siva chakilam Newbie



           We are trying to migrate from JBoss eap 4.2 to JBOSS eap 5.0.1. All of our EJB's used to work perfectly in Jboss 4.2.

           When we are trying to deply these EJB's in JBOSS 5.0.1 eap, In console it says that the EJB's are in deployed status, But in the console it says that the JNDI is not bound.


           When we are calling the JNDI service from a stand alone java client also we are getting the "JNDI not bound exception".


           All our EJB's are written in EJB2.0 Specifications.

           We have modified the Jboss.xml's to have the Jboss 5.0 dtd's and xsd's as we were facing the issue in deployment itself.


           Please let us know if you have any thoughts abotut this.