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    menuItem submitMode="ajax" conversation propagation control

    dragos cernahoschi Newbie

      I'm using richfaces 3.3.3 and seam 2.2.2. I want to specify the conversation propagation policy with the menuItem component. Something like this:


      <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax"...>
          <s:conversationPropagation type="none"/>


      But the s tag doesn't seem to have any effect.


      It works fine with submitMode="server". Like this:


      <rich:menuItem submitMode="server"...>
          <s:conversationPropagation type="none"/>


      Or submitMode="none". Like this:


      <rich:menuItem submitMode="none" ...>
          <s:link ... propagation="join"/>


      Am I missing something in the ajax case?