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    How to make a4j:support work under rich:tabpanel ?

    Charles Yang Newbie

      I try to make a4j:support work under rich:tabpanel, but the backbean function no matter what just not get called. In other case, a4j:support need be inside <h:form> </h:form> in order to get it work. But if you do that with the tabpanel, then the tabpanel will not work (click no longer change the panel). Here is some xhtml code shows what I try to do:

      <rich:tab label="A-Lable">
      <rich:tabPanel switchType="ajax">
      <rich:tab label="Tab1" >
      <a4j:support event="onclick"
      action="#{myBean.functionA}" />
      <a4j:include viewId="/another.xhtml" />

      I changed switchType to client then server, all not work. Tab worked fine except this a4j support thing. All I want to do is to call a back bean function when user clicked a tab, don't have to be a4j:support if there is some other way let me get around this problem. Can someone point out what I did woring or is there any other way ?