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    rich:progressBar and his attribute reRenderAfterComplete in RF4

    Radek Hodain Newbie

      Hi all,


      our progressBar has an issue because it isn't able to rerender a view after finish progress. We use reRenderAfterComplete attribute to say what should be rendered after finish progressBar. We have migrated from richfaces 3.3 to 4.0. In version 3.3 there is reRenderAfterComplete attribute on rich:progressBar component, but in version 4.0 it isn't or I'm not able to find it. Migration Guide says that are no changes in progressBar, but if I try to find "reRenderAfterComplete" in source code I have no results and User Guid says nothing how to rerender view in the end of progressBar.


      I think reRenderAfterComplete attribute got lost in RF4. Has anybody the same problem or do you know what hapened with this attribute?


      Thanks RH.