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    [RF4.1.M4]&[RF3.3.x/ JSF1.2] how to force to keep view in session

    Adrien Adrien Apprentice


      I've just found a problem on my appli with RF3.3.3 (and certainly RF4 but i 'm currently migrating),

      The problem is I've 2 pages  opened :

      • 1 page the main page of the site where se user navigate etc..(more than 95% of the time in general)
      • 1 "page" wich is a popup (html popup) wich use a4j:push in RF3.3 : this is a 'chat' where users can 'talk', if there is no conversion... the view can be 'old' if there is no messages exchanged...

      Then, when the user is logged he open the chat and 'forget' it during is navigation on the main page.. like jsf NumberOfview/logicalview is fixed at X, if on the main page user navigate accross X 'views' and  the chat popup has no refresh because there is no 'a4:push event'.... popup view become become ExpiredView....

      In RF 3.3.3 a4j:push (800ms) don't keep the view 'alive'

      Actually as Workaround I've put [RF3.3.3] a4j:poll wich force a rerender and keep the view alive... keep the view in last Numberofview/logicalview


      For RF 3.3.3/JSF1.2 :

      • There is a way  without a4j:poll to keep the view always alive?
      • I don't know if it is expected but it is normal than a4j:push in RF3.3 don't keep the view alive?(if there is no event from client or push event on server)


      For RF 4:

      • Does the a4:push will have same comportment as RF 3.3.3?
        • if yes, is it a realist 'possible' evolution?
      • May be there is another way to force a view 'alive'?


      Thanks for your help