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    Lists and @Unversioned

    Chris Simons Expert


      I've run into one entity with several collections. I've @Unversioned each of these bags, but I'm still running into AssertionFailures upon flushing the entity.

      Is it possible Envers is reading the collections even though they are @Unversioned? It's funny because I haven't run into any problems with collections thus far, assuming I @Unversion them. I've also had a good bit of luck with @OneToOne and @ManyToMany.

      The strange part is that the entity in the exception (AdminValue) in reference (see exception below) only exists as a @OneToOne (which is also @Unversioned). So why would I be receiving this exception on this one particular entity when the same class (AdminValue) is used elsewhere with no issues?

      Sorry, I know this is a vague problem - but it's the first major roadblock I've encountered so far.

      Thanks, as always.