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    RF 4: rich:dataTable doesn't generate cellspacing = 0 (rounded datatables)

    Karsten Wutzke Expert



      I really need functionality to style rich:dataTable with rounded corners. The topic has already been discussed and solved for RF 3 datatables:




      Now I can see RF 4 datatables don't generate cellspacing = 0 and cellpadding = 0 as was the case with RF 3. This means the above cannot be solved, so there's currently no way to achieve this:





      in RF 4. I also tried rich:extendedDataTable, there the cellspacing = 0 and cellpadding = 0 are generated, so this basically works, but extendedDataTable is just not the right component for my use cases. So this effectively seems to be an issue with RF 4. ???


      Is there any workaround to set the cellspacing and cellpadding on RF 4 rich:dataTable? I tried the respective tag attributes without success...