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    keyaffinity and grouper API questoion

    Georgi Danov Newbie


      I am using the remote executor to do some processing where I send custom command to particular node owning particular key. As part of the command I want to manipulate entry in second cache. I want the key for the second cache to be colocated with the key of the first cache.


      Knowing the address if the node holding the key for the first cache I used the keyaffinity service to generate key for the second cache, but when the cluster has more than two nodes it is always hit and miss.

      Tried the grouping api with similar success. Half of the time the command executed on the target node detects that the locality if the second key is not_local.


      Are these two apis designed so that they can help me colocate two keys from different caches on the same node? The two caches are configured in the same manner with the same parameters