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    I have a question about the fileUpload ,Please help me !

    yiyuan Lv Newbie

      Hello, I never use enlish to write letter .So,if have some problems ,please forgive me!

                     The question is that  i <rich:fileUpload> ,when you click "Add" button to choose some files in the component , and then click "Upload" button ,the file will be uploaded in the list of files(This is the managebean ).and each row of fileList in the fileUpload component has a "Clear" button.


                The key point is when i click "Clear" button ,what should i do to remove the selected file from the list of files in the managed bean not just the file in the componet is removed ,Or when i click "Clear All" button ,how should I do  to remove all the list of files in the managed bean. I don't konw how to catch the event of "Clear" button and "Clear All" button.

        I don't konw whether my question  is clear or not .I hope you can help me ,Thank you very much!