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    Configuring run.sh with approp. java home

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      My web application must run on Jboss3.2.3 and jdk1.4.2_19. I have another java application (X) that requires jdk1.5 on the same machine (AMI Linux). So I need to set my JAVA_HOME to 2 java versions


      I'm trying to address the issue as follows:

      I set my JAVA_HOME and default java (/usr/bin/java) to jdk1.5 to run my java app . X

      I need to change Jboss' run.sh file to make JAVA_HOME variable to point to jdk1.4


      Have anyone had tried to change  Jboss' run.sh to point to another Java version (jdk1.4 in my case)? Any pointer/suggestions please?


      I look forward to your thoughts


      Thanks in advance