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    in <rich:tree/>, small miss typing error.

    imcharsi Newbie


      at first, i'm not native english speaker.



      i studied for richfaces with richfaces 4.0.0.Final.


      with rich:tree, i found small miss typing.


      for rich.taglib.xml's <rich:tree/>'s @treeSelectionChangedListener,

      i think this should be @selectionChangedListener.

      and for @treeToggleListener, this should be @toggleListener.


      in package org.richfaces.view.facelets.TreeHandler's MetaRule,

      testing attribute name is selectionChangedListener and toggleListener,

      but not treeSelectionChangedListener and treeToggleListener.


      of course, this is not critical problem, so i can fix it myself.


      but i wish this problem will be fixed.