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    A compile issue of TaskServiceSeesion.java

    Eric Zhang Newbie



          I have a question about compiling with TaskServiceSession.java of jbpm-human-task-5.1.0.Final.jar.


          There are 17  .class files complied by TaskServiceSession.java in offical web site


          But I only got 16 .class files when I complied TaskServiceSession.java ( I lost TaskServiceSession$15.class )


          I want why the difference occured ?


          My compile environment is: sun jdk_1.6.0_27/sun jdk_1.6.0_20 , Helios eclipse , Maven 3.0.3  and I compiled it with eclipse/Maven.


          I got sourcecode and binarycode from jbpm offical web site and the version is 5.1.0.Final