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    remote ejb are not balanced

    Riccardo Pasquini Novice

      I succeded in connect a remote client to a server group with 2 running servers thanks to an hot fix (not distributed afaik) using the following client configuration


      remote.connections=x1, x2
      remote.connection.x1.port = 4547
      remote.connection.x2.port = 4647


      This is possible in the domain thnx to a provided ejb-client-jar build installed from the file system




      the problem is that calling the remote method within a simple loop (for 1 to 10), calls are logged always in a single node (first run, 10 calls in x1... second run, 10 calls in x2 and so on)


          private void run() throws NamingException {
              HelloWorlder proxy = (HelloWorlder) context
              for(int i=0;i<10;i++) {
                  String out = proxy.sayHello();


      now i expected that multiple remote connections replace the ha-jndi behavior (connect the first available, balance calls across cluster nodes)


      i think this is a bug because i loose the balancing feature for remote clients... what are JBoss AS7 plans about remote proxies? How can i balance calls?


      thank you for your time


      PS failover is properly handled: if x1 is off, remote client succeds in calling x2