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    How to update the name/header/title of a rich:tab by programm ?

    Jean ANDRE Newbie

      We have several dynamic tabs in a rich:tabPanel. As rich:tabPanel is not scrollable, we truncated the tab title/name/header to be able to place more tabs with the same windows size. For example, if we have 4 tabs, the text that appears inside the header is complete (entire) but when we reach the number of 6 tabs, the text that appears in the header is truncated.


          1) First case- 4 tabs:       tab1 CustomerName1 |  tab2 :CustomerName2  |  tab3: CustomerName3  |  tab4: CustomerName4


          2) Second case 6 tabs : tab1 Cust...1 |  tab2 :Cust...2  |  tab3: Cust...3  |  tab4: Cust...4  |  tab5: Cust...5  |  tab6: Cust...6



      Then, what we want is to refresh the title/header/name of a specif tab to make it complete when the user click on tab without the need to refresh all the tabs. In the same maner, we also want to restore the truncated text when the use leaves the tab.


      Our experimentation failed to progammatically update the text by directly accessing the text via the viewRoot. Even if we modified the HeaderFacet by programm, the new text is ignored.


      Then the question is, what is the best way to update/refresh only the current tab and especially its text header without refreshing all tabs which is time consumming and can be very slow as the number of tabs increase.


      Thank for your answer.