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      • 15. Re: Context menu component in RF 4.X
        Brendan Healey Master

        Hi Bernard, thanks for looking into this. I've just re-tested and I'm still seeing the problem with

        the browser right click menu showing, tested on both Chrome & IE8. I suppose the first thing

        to make sure of is that I've got the latest snapshot. I see a load of downloads from your repo

        every morning when I build, but is there a version string in some human readable code I can

        check? My maven skills need a lot of work.





        p.s. I'm now running 4.1.0.Final

        • 16. Re: Context menu component in RF 4.X
          blabno Master

          Brendan, have you resolved the problem or does it still persist?

          • 17. Re: Context menu component in RF 4.X
            Brendan Healey Master

            Hi Bernard, I just tested it with the latest downloads and it's working perfectly. Tested on IE8 and

            Chrome. There has been quite a lot of change in my application recently, I just changed from suffix

            to prefix mapping after various problems, so who knows what may have contributed to getting it



            Thanks for this, it's a really important component for me. Now I just need to figure out how to find

            the datatable row...




            • 18. Re: Context menu component in RF 4.X
              Pëtr Andreev Newbie

              Hi there, i`ve tried the contextMenu component in 4.2-SNAPSHOT ()

              with extendedDataTable (as implemented in the showcase table-sample.xhtml), with no success-

              the contextmenu shows up only one time on right click  and then no more.

              I`ve tested it under FF/IE/Opera/Chrome - same results.

              The exact error is:

              SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'nodeType': object is null or undefined

              richfaces.js, line 7 character 26

              It happens right after the contextmenu looses focus.

              I went through the JavaScript - what looks dubious, is a menu-base.js, line 51

              (stack trace: __showHandler->hide->__hidePopup), see attachment:

              var F=B.$(this.__getParentMenu())

              But the contextMenu has no parentMenu, is it correct?

              Thank You.contextMenu_error.png

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