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    Getting raw value of <rich:listShuttle>

    Jacob Clarkson Newbie

      Hi there,


      I need to validate the value of a <rich:listShuttle> element. I have bound the element to a UIListShuttle instance in my backing bean. However, I'm not sure how to get the current value of the element.


      I have tried:




      But this does not contain the current target's Set of values, it just contains the model values. I want the values that in sync with the view, i.e. before the Update Model Values stage of the JSF lifecycle.


      Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

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          Jacob Clarkson Newbie

          I have now resolved this issue.


          In my validation I was able to get the value as follows; I needed to check that the a collection of three <rich:listShuttle> elements had at least one element selected between them, I acheived this as follows.


          ArrayList selectedElements1 = (ArrayList) this.availableElementsShuttle1.getTargetValue();
          ArrayList selectedElements2 = (ArrayList) this.availableElementsShuttle2.getTargetValue();
          ArrayList selectedElements3 = (ArrayList) this.availableElementsShuttle3.getTargetValue();
          if (selectedElements1 != null && selectedElements1.isEmpty()
                  && selectedElements2 != null && selectedElements2.isEmpty() 
                  && selectedElements3 != null && selectedElements3.isEmpty()) {
              // throw ValidatorException as all the listShuttle elements are empty