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    JBoss AS 6 SLSB instance pool

    Nishit Sharma Newbie

      I used a servlet to call a stateless session bean method "display", with SLSB maximum size set to 10 in ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml :

      public String display() throws InterruptedException {


              return "Display Method Called at: "+Calendar.getInstance().getTime();


      Suppose i send 10 requests simultaneously , what i observe is the returned String is like:

            -     Display Method Called at: Wed Nov 30 15:50:33 IST 2011

            -     Display Method Called at: Wed Nov 30 15:51:03 IST 2011

            -     Display Method Called at: Wed Nov 30 15:51:33 IST 2011

      as you can see from the above Strings that each request is executed one by one and it takes exact 30 seconds after completion of the previous one.

      From this we can conclude that jboss has not created an instance pool, even looking at jmx console we can find out that only 1 instance is created.


      1.     How to force jboss 6 to create a pool of at least 10 SLSB's initially. I tried to set the minimum size of SLSB's using standardjboss.xml


               but it does not work.

      2.     How many instances will be created by jboss if all 10 instances are in use.