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    TTALE-69 Jenkins plugin




      as we are using Tattletale quite a lot for JBoss products I plan to create a Tattletale plugin for Jenkins/Hudson [1] that would allow easy execution and configuration of the tattletale tool directly from the Jenkins environment without having to run tattletale in a series of bash commands, as it's done so far. Do you have any proposals for the plugin functionality? If so, please write them here in the forums.


      I could also  integrate this plugin with report agregating tools in Jenkins such as the Analysis Collector Plugin [2], which integrates tools such as FindBugs, PMD and others to name a few. Do you think this could help?


      As Jesper pointed out, this could be associated with TTALE-118 [3]. Jenkins can handle html reports without problems, however it's certainly a feature that could be considered to be part of the implementation.





      [1] https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Plugins

      [2] https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Analysis+Collector+Plugin

      [3] TTALE-118 Switch report templates to XML


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          Last I looked it required a Jenkins specific integration in order for the reports to be tightly integrated in the Jenkins UI - like the checkstyle and findbugs reports.


          Since we would need multiple output formats it would be best to create a generic XML format that could be transformed into the necessary output format, like HTML when running on the command line. TTALE-118 has an old prototype for PDF generation.


          Integration with analysis collector seems like a good idea.


          I would start with an XSD which can represent all the reports we have today, then create a StAX model + parser for it.


          Share your thoughts on the development roadmap for this feature.


          First things first of course - fork https://github.com/jesperpedersen/tattletale

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            Thanks for commenting on this so quickly Jesper. I will check the requirements for report integration in Jenkins community, more specifically analysis report format of various analysis tools such as tattletale, and let you know. Also the format for Jenkins GUI is changing, as they will be transfering from the current markup language to some other solution, I need to look at the details, find out the timeframe for this change and see how and if will it impact Tattletale plugin development.


            In case the XML format requirement is a must by Jenkins community, the path you proposed with creating a XSD, StAX model and parser seems very reasonable. This would be the phase I).

            II) I will work on creating Jenkins integration for running and configuring tattletale.

            III) In the final step I would add the integration with the analysis collector tools.


            Related question: What about other formats such as JSON or YAML? Will we gain some advantage by using them, or do you think it's better to stick with XML?


            In case the XML report format is an optional feature I will first start with working on II, then see the requirements of analysis collector tools and if it's necessary implement the generic XML model for tattletale and work on III.

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              I think sticking to plain XML is best - easier to transform in other formats.


              Just update this thread with your findings, and we can take it from there.

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                I have asked Vojtech Juranek, our Jenkins admin and active contributor in Jenkins commnity, and I was told plain HTML is alright both for showing the report and aggregating it to the Analysis collector plugin.


                So in the first iteration the plugin will have integrated configuration and execution in Jenkins environment. Then I will reevaluate the Analysis Collector plugin requirements during implementation and see, what would we gain from XML report instead an HTML report. So far the Analysis collector plugin only requires developers to implement few abstract methods and that should be it, the report can be either in HTML/XML. After this is done I may work on the XML output as an optional task.


                If anyone has some features, that would be nice for this integration, feel free to post the requests here and I will evaluate it.

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                  I have created an initial release of Jenkins Tattletale plugin, that integrates Tattletale reports, enables easy configuration using Jenkins build action and archivation of reports as a post-build action.


                  Jenkins plugin page:



                  Jenkins plugin manager should find it automatically when installing a new plugin, if not it's available here:



                  Jenkins development community has accepted the plugin, and sources are cloned here:



                  For future releases I would like to achieve integration with Analysis collector plugin [2].


                  I will ask the Jenkins community to create a tattletale-plugin component in their JIRA, so all plugin related issues and feature requests can be tracked there.

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                    Very cool !