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    Access resources outside of EAR/SAR/WAR

    Alan Feng Novice

      In our application, it externalize many configuration files that contains server specific settings that are set at the post deployment time when using JBoss 4.x. These files are usually grouped under an external folder outside of the application EAR/SAR/WAR, and outside of the JBoss itself. We just make it available in the classpath to allow the application to access them.


      With JBoss 7 & the module structure, it seems that I lose the ability to access such external folders, or at least I don't know how after digger around for a long time. Can anyone tell me how to do it, or even if it's possible?


      The reason for externalize these configuration files is that the same EAR/SAR/WAR (released by dev team) can be deployed to different servers, while the engineer that does the deployment will modify these runtime settings. So packaging them within the EAR/SAR/WAR, such as in a JAR inside the EAR/lib folder as suggested by the JBoss 7 doc, is not a good solution.


      I played with the jboss-deployment-structure.xml file resources tag, and wasn't able to get it working.



      More genericly, what is the recommended way of maintain configuration files that changes outside of the application code?



      Thanks for your help!