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    Unicode-Problems (german letters)

    Jonas Kreuz Newbie



      I'm using AS 5.1 with GateIn 3.1, defaultlanguage is german.


      I can create a new user called "testwithäöü" and give him an emailadress "testwith@localhost" ("testwithäöü@localhost" can't be used) but when i try to login, there is an error message: "Sign in failed. Wrong username or password." and the username-textfield-value is "testwithäöü"


      Another problem is the "SiteMap"-link in german. It is translated as "Seitenübersicht", but it is shown as "Seitenübersicht". So i checked all the *_de.properties, but there is the correct value "Seitenübersicht". I tried to fix it by setting the values in the propertie-files to "Seitenübersicht", but then it's shown much more wrong. If i create a new node and name it "Söhne", then it is shown correctly. ALL other ä, ö, ü works fine.


      Another error is there if i try to redirect a user to a website (redirection Plugin, see http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RedirectAUserToPageOnLoginlogoutBasedOnRole), for example"/portal/private/classic/Söhne", the URL in the browser is "/portal/private/classic/S%F6hne", so it doesn't work. If i click on the "Söhne"-Node manually, the direction works fine.


      Is there a solution?


      I've found this post http://community.jboss.org/thread/169557, but there is no solution, too.