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    pure documentation of rf4

    nimo stephan Master

      Where can I find the "real" documentation of rf4-components.


      For example, I want to know the property and the default value of "boundaryControls" of rich:dataScroller is. I cannot find it either in the TLD nor in



      Where can I find the meaning of each property and its default value of rf4-components?

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          Brendan Healey Master

          Hi, this information doesn't presently seem to be included in the component reference so it might be worth

          logging a documentation jira regarding this. I agree that somewhere there should be a full list of attributes

          and allowed values and defaults, along with a description of the behavior. A pretty big job I think.


          I've got a copy of Ilya's book Practical RichFaces 2, and here's what it has to say about boundaryControls:


          boundaryControls: first & last

          fastControls: moving a few pages forwards & backwards

          stepControls: previous & next


          All these attributes take the values show (default), hide and auto. If the value is 'hide' the controls are not

          rendered. With 'auto' controls are only rendered if not in a 'boundary state', i.e. first, rewind & previous won't

          be shown on the first page. With 'show', controls are rendered but disabled if not available (I assume this

          to mean 'first page' is disabled when you're on the first page).




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