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    How to use HornetQ 2.2.9 AS7 Final in JBoss 6.1?

    Jukka Dahlbom Newbie



      in an attempt to fix some of our more nebulous errors with consumers not consuming the messages they are supposed to,

      I am trying to build the most recent tagged version (2.2.9 AS7 Final), and replace the 2.2.5 version in JBoss 6.1


      I'm using the instructions given here, although they are for updating to version 2.2.5:



      After doing the update, I'm still getting a NoClassDefFoundError:

      Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.hornetq.integration.jboss.recovery.AS7RecoveryRegistry



      Has anyone done a similar upgrade succesfully? If so, any advice is appreciated.


      What could cause the NoClassDefFoundError? (The class is there, so it's not a case of ClassNotFoundException)