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    ViewExpiredException when clicking on a4j:commandButton

    Alan Duca Newbie

      I am relatively new to JSF and RichFaces, but I have managed to get somewhat to grips with the technologies, and I am currently learning my way through this project I am currently involved in.

      Thing is that it seems that I've hit a brick wall today...

      I want to create a form with ajax functionality. To this end, I've created an a4j:form element within which I created the necessary input controls as well as an a4j:commandButton element. The commandButton is set to invoke a method on the server side.

      When I test my solution on FF all runs fine: the server-side method is called and the ajax request completes. However, I haven't been as lucky with IE6. Shortly (maybe half a sec) after I click on the commandButton, I get an ViewExpiredException exception.

      I have tried different code snippets to test this problem, and found out that even a scenario as simple as the following causes IE6 to generate a ViewExpiredException:

      <a4j:form id="test">
      <a4j:commandButton action="#"/>

      Again, FF executes this code normally, without generating a ViewExpiredException.

      Has anyone else encountered the same problem, or can anybody point me in the right direction?