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    GateIn IPC again

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      we're trying to get our old JBoss Portal-based application up with GateIn, and have solved most of the problems and worked around a couple of glitches in GateIn.


      However, I'm unable to use IPC across different portal pages. According to Thomas Heute, it is not possible, and indeed, not recommended to use JSR-286 eventing across portal pages. So we've narrowed the problem down so the only thing we need is to switch to a certain view ID on the "target" portlet: portlet A on portal page X wants to send the user to portal page Y, where portlet B resides and portlet B should show view Z (view ID should be determined by portlet A). Is this at all possible? We're using JSF 1.2, portlets 2.0 and JBoss Portlet Bridge 2.2 Final.





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          Vu Viet Phuong Novice

          Another portlet communication machanism is Public render parameter, but the hard thing is that the portlet mode must be changed in processAction or processEvent phase.


          I think we need some thing like : pre_render event --> that portlet event should be dispatch from portal to portlet before portlet go to render phase, and in that event, portlet can determine how it'll render . I hope this machanism will be supported in GateIn soon