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    M4 to CR1 issue

    jsoye Newbie


      I had code working in but isn't in

      I can flick between the two versions and see a working version of my code and a non-working version.

      Basically, I have a <rich:tree> and I'm able to reorder the nodes, i.e. if I have the following tree,







      I can select a node and by clicking on either an 'up' or 'down' arrow change it's position.

      With RF 4.1 CR1, it doesn't happen immediately anymore. I have to refresh the screen. I've tried

      adding render="myTree", immediate="true" to the commandLinks but to no avail.

      Would any of the following changes have made this happen:


      * [RF-11423] - NPE and PreRenderViewEvent in UIDataAdaptor

      * Any changes to the behaviour <a4j:commandLink>






              <a4j:commandLink id="up" actionListener="#{treeBean.promoteNode()}">

                  <h:graphicImage value="/img/16/arrow_up.png"/>



              <a4j:commandLink id="down" actionListener="#{treeBean.demoteNode()}">

                  <h:graphicImage value="/img/16/arrow_down.png"/>





              <rich:tree id="myTree" var="node" nodeType="#{node.nodeType}" value="#{treeBean.sectionNodes}" selection="#{treeBean.treeSelection}"

                         toggleType="client" selectionType="ajax" immediate="true" render="...">

                  <rich:treeSelectionChangeListener for="myTree" listener="..."/>

                  <rich:treeNode ...>






      where the methods promoteNode() and demoteNode() both reordered the nodes accordingly and rebuilt the tree.              

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          Brendan Healey Master

          I had a very similar sounding problem with rich:extendedDataTable when I moved from M4 to CR1. Brian

          suggested using a 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT because a known problem had been fixed, and it solved the problem.

          I really couldn't say if it's likely or not that there could be any commonality between your tree problem and

          my datatable problem, but it's all I can think of other than logging a jira.




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            jsoye Newbie

            Thanks Brendan. That sounds promising. I'm using Maven and changed my POM to 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT, i.e.


            <!--        <org.richfaces.bom.version></org.richfaces.bom.version>-->

            <!--        <org.richfaces.bom.version></org.richfaces.bom.version>-->



            but it doesn't like an orderingList I have. I get


                 Library supports namespace: http://richfaces.org/rich, but no tag was defined for name: orderingList


            Do you know if I'm using 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT in the correct way as it seems I'm getting an older version of RF?

            Are there versions like 4.1.0-XXXX-SNAPSHOT existing? I googled it but couldn't find Maven versions.


            Again, thanks a million.

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              Brendan Healey Master

              Hi, what you have tried is exactly what I did. Can you try shutting the app server down and doing

              a clean & build and see if that helps?




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                Brendan Healey Master

                Maybe this is needed? I seriously need to read up on maven, I just "get by" at the moment!






                                    <name>JBoss Public Maven Repository Group</name>











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                  jsoye Newbie

                  Wow. Thanks for the speedy responses. I think you may have nailed it. I had







                  present, though I had totally forgotten about its existence until you mentioned it. I think the new snapshot is missing rich:orderingList

                  and that I had downloaded the correct snapshot the first time.


                  I checked the file maven-metadata-jboss-public-repository-group.xml in the new 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT directory in my maven repository

                  which inicated (I think) it was updating correctly :


                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

                  <metadata modelVersion="1.1.0">





















                  I then commented out the rich:orderingList to check my original problem wrt the tree not refreshing immediately, like your rich:extendedDataTable. Well, great news - it works again in the SNAPSHOT. So, you were right. Thanks very much for all your help Brendan.


                  Can anyone confirm that rich:orderingList has been accidentally dropped from the latest SNAPSHOT? If so, I'll log it. Otherwise, I'll wait until I see the next snapshot. Thanks.