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    rich:menuItem can be dynamically populated?

    aboo salimon Newbie



      Can we use rich menu item dynamically like this:


        <ui:repeat value="#{menu.subCategories}" var="subCategory">

                                              <rich:menuItem submitMode="server" value="New"





      currently i am trying like this but it is not working in what i am expecting so kindly suggest me any idea.

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          Vitaliy Pavlov Novice

          Hi, aboo salimon


          You may use c:forEach (xmlns:c="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core")


          as sample:


          <rich:dropDownMenu name="reportmenu"


                                 mode="client" jointPoint="topLeft" direction="bottomLeft" id="cReportMenu">


                  <c:forEach var="subCategory" items="#{menu.subCategories}">

                      <rich:menuItem submitMode="server" value="New"