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    Datascroller and SSL

    Guillermo Rodriguez Newbie

      Hi all,
      This is my first post here. I'm really looking for help with a problem with the datascroller.
      I have a rich:datatable paired with a datascroller. Both work fine when I use the standard HTTP protocol. But the moment I enable my security with SSL then the datascroller works in a very strange way.
      In my portlet, there is a text box where the user types a text to be sought in the database. When the text is entered, the portlet requests the backing bean to search the text and reRenders a datatable. The datatable gets the result list from the bean and renders the table with the datascroller is rendered in the footer showing the appropriate number of pages and highlights the page 1 as expected.
      Up to this point everything works fine even if I work with HTTP or HTTPS. But in HTTPS, when I click the page 2 (or any other page), instead of getting the data from the same bean (like it does when using http), a second backing bean is created. This second backing bean is new so it has no filter information. The result is that the datascroller thinks there are no more entries on the list so it renders nothing.
      The portlet is configured to work in a session scope. The interesting thing is that once the datascroller creates this second bean, it wont create a new bean ever again during the same session. Of course this dual backing bean makes everything work in a strange way (like the a4j:support onRowClick event sends the event to the server, but the server says there are no rows in the table when I just picked a row).

      And, to put a cherry in the top of the pie, the error appears in Chrome and Firefox but it works fine with IE7.

      I really don't what to do in this case. We are completely sure the second bean is created because we have set comments on the constructor and different methods and followed the log file.

      Please any light on this issue would be appreciated.