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    Unable to acquire lock on Fqn

    Tarlok Chand Newbie

      hi  Everyone ,  i  have faced issue given  as below  reguraly  interval  when the number of user increase   in  our application.   We are used the jboss5.1Ga and jdk 1.5.21 64 bit  OS is AIX6.1 and  used IBM  DB2  . I  increase the lockacquation  value but after some time when  the user load are increase it give below exception  and server goes down slow .  ...



      org.jboss.cache.lock.TimeoutException: Unable to acquire lock on Fqn [/ABSOLUTION/com.dat.now.bas.ItemWarehouseLink] after [10000] milliseconds for requestor [GlobalTransaction:<>:62814]! Lock held by [GlobalTransaction:<>:62692]

      2011-12-02 13:10:59,316 ERROR [STDERR] (http-           at org.jboss.cache.mvcc.MVCCNodeHelper.acquireLock(MVCCNodeHelper.java:157)

      2011-12-02 13:10:59,316 ERROR [STDERR] (http-           at org.jboss.cache.mvcc.MVCCNodeHelper.wrapNodeForWriting(MVCCNodeHelper.java:195)

      2011-12-02 13:10:59,316 ERROR [STDERR] (http-           at org.jboss.cache.mvcc.MVCCNodeHelper.wrapNodeForWriting(MVCCNodeHelper.java:184)

      2011-12-02 13:10:59,316 ERROR [STDERR] (http-           at org.jboss.cache.interceptors.MVCCLockingInterceptor.handlePutKeyValueCommand(MVCCLockingInterceptor.java:101)

      2011-12-02 13:10:59,316 ERROR [STDERR] (http-           at org.jboss.cache.interceptors.base.PrePostProcessingCommandInterceptor.visitPutKeyValueCommand(PrePostProcessingCommandInterceptor.java:88)

      2011-12-02 13:10:59,316 ERROR [STDERR] (http-           at org.jboss.cache.commands.write.PutKeyValueCommand.acceptVisitor(PutKeyValueCommand.java:100)



      Please help  m e..