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    TransactionRolledbackLocalException in method

    Tarlok Chand Newbie

      Hi ,


      I  have face following  TransactionRolledbackLocalException in method:   frequently  when  the user load increase .  I  have defined the  max thread 400  and  max db2 pool  is 150   .   When  20  used are loggin  application  work  fine but when  the used load  increased  it send the following exception 


      145 ERROR (http- TransactionRolledbackLocalException in method: public abstract java.util.Vector com.dat.now.ord.ReplenishmentRequisitionSessionEX.query4Update(com.dat.abs.shd.GenericBean,com.dat.abs.shd.ABSUser) throws java.lang.Exception, causedBy:


           at com.dat.abs.shd.ExtendedQueryBean.getWhereConditionValue(ExtendedQueryBean.java:1456)



      I  increase jta trancation  time 300 to  600  but issues are remail  . I  monitor the  system  load of Db2 machine and  Application  machine it is normanl  about 60 % resouce utilization .  And Network  load is normal  also  .


      Please guide me how to  resolve this issue . Because after this my  system  goes slow   Specification


      OS      AIX 6.1(64)  16 Gb  ram   8 core Cpu  

      Java    1.5 (64)

      Jboss   5.1GA

      DB        IBM db2 9.2(64)  have 32 GB  ram 8 Core Cpu 

      Application  = Standalone server (ERP )

      Max user =   100



      Please help  me  how to  resolve this transaction  roll  back  issue