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    Urgent Guidance Requested – Duplicate ID Issue

    Paul Botta Newbie

      I am requesting guidance in troubleshooting an issue that is compromising an important deliverable. I have spent two days troubleshooting the issue and lack the expertise in understanding how to resolve it.

      I am frequently receiving the following error:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: duplicate Id for a component mainPane:dtlExpFrm:j_id220

      The error will sometimes disappear when I stop Tomcat, clear the server cache and restart. I make no changes to the code, it is hit or miss.

      Alternatively, I have gone through the pages and added IDs to all components identified in the affected form. I believe I have given each component an explicit ID.

      If anyone can give me guidance on how I can resolve this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. Are there any tools that would help, or a specific set of steps to isolate it or any other way to identify the offending component?

      I am using:

      richfaces 3.3.1 GA
      springframework 3.0
      tomcat 6.0
      ie 8
      ff 3.5.3