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    How can I prevent data from being inserted in the database when a user logs in?

    Jarred Olson Newbie

      I'm working with a Gatein 3.1.0-GA instance with Mysql 5.5 and I'm experiencing an issue where everytime a user logs into the application data gets inserted into the JCR_SITEM and JCR_SVALUE tables.  I've noticed that when Gatein starts up with a fresh database it creates these tables and populates them with about 10,000 rows each.  These rows appear to be storing some of the portal preferences/properties.  Every time a unique user logs into the system there are about 200 rows being inserted into both the JCR_SITEM and JCR_SVALUE tables.  I don't know what these are being used for or why they are being stored but it has cuased a space issue on my production server as it has collected over 20 gigs (yes gigabytes) worth of data.


      I can solve the problem by:

      1. Dropping the database and re-creating it, but this causes downtime in my site.

      2. Deleting the inserted users by setting up a cron job or something similar.


      Ideally though I'd like to not populate this information at all.  Does anyone know how I can prevent this data from entering the database?


      Thanks in advance!