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    Redeployment strategy (still) unclear

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      I have just installed Eclipse Indigo and JBoss Tools 3.3 with JBoss 7. I have created a very simple dynamic web project containing one Java servlet and one JSP. Whenever I do a change to the JSP or the servlet the status of the JBoss server changes from "Started, Synchronized" to "Started, Republish" for a second and then back to synchronized. Nevertheless the changes are not redeployed and accessible in the running webapp, I have to do a Clean or a module restart.


      Wasn't this different in previous versions of JBoss? If I doubleclick my server configuration there are different settings to change the behaviour of automatic publishing. Why do theses settings exist if they don't have any effect?


      What are your strategies to minimize full redeployments?




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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          its the same as it have always been.


          We keep the deployed archives in sync and JBoss picks up the changes it can see dynamically - those changes are mostly html and xhtml.

          Class changes such as a servlet was never automatically picked up unless you touched the descriptor or restarted the module.


          We never automatically triggered a restart of a module because until AS7 it would be a rather long wait in most places.


          We are considering adding a "restart module on when <path expression, defaulted to "**/*.class"> changes"